Ways To Maintain Follower And Following

Followers are very important in Twitter as it can help in making your website more popular in the social media platform. By having more number of followers, it is possible to generate lot of traffic to your website. Everyone in Twitter must have lot of followers which is an important part in this social media platform. In order to get more followers, you must know how to manage them in a proper way so they don’t unfollow your Twitter account. In the same way you must also start following others who are related to your business or brand. In the beginning you must follow as many people as you can in Twitter and in case the people don’t follow you back, try to unfollow them in the later stages. This is the best way to control and manage your Twitter followers.

Once you have enough followers in your account, access your Twitter account and select the option ‘Following’ to see the people who are not following you back. In case you see the option to send a direct message to your follower, they are following you back and if you don’t see this then they are not following you. Try to keep the people who are following you and remove the rest of them so it will make it easier to manage your Twitter account. Most of the people who have more followers such as 100 peoples and if you have only 10 people, everyone one will try to follow the one who has more number of followers.

There is a simple way to manage your Twitter following which will make your process simple. The most important step in this is following more people which will give them a chance to follow you back. Try to follow only those who are related to your brand as it can help others to know what you are into. This will also help in making others to follow your account who related to your brand. There is another option to manage following in the blog, but to do this you must own a blog. In case you are looking for followers from a particular post, try to search them in the search field in Twitter. Once you have found the particular post, try to enter into their Twitter page to see their followers. Just start following them hoping that they will also follow your account.

Before following or unfollowing in Twitter, try to read the privacy policy as Twitter can ban you from their website. The same guidelines are applicable for the tweet also. You must follow people only 18 people during one time and same thing to unfollow as well. Don’t post the tweet continuously in Twitter as you may get banned. Give sometime during your post to stay active in Twitter. There are also other guidelines that must be followed without fail in Twitter to become an active user and promote your brand.

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