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Using Twitter Analytics For Marketing

Twitter analytics is one of the best options to improve your marketing strategy in Twitter. To use free analytics in Twitter just access the site to see the tweets, analytics, audiences and more. You can also see the impressions for the tweets which is the exact number of users who viewed tweets in their timeline on Twitter. Twitter can be used to access the details about your tweets displayed on the third-party tools which will give an estimation of impressions during the month. While posting a tweet on your account it is possible to know how many of them will see it which is a really important thing for every Twitter profile. The tweets can also help to develop more email subscribers which is a very important thing for most of the marketers.

Use the option Mentions to see when the Twitter username gets mentioned in others profiles. The top section in mention shows the details if someone shares your content with your name. Those who have a large number of following who has already followed you, they can be considered as your relevant your audience and try to give more attention to them. In overview screen, Top Tweet section will show the best tweet made during last 28-days along with impressions as well as retweets. Try to share the popular tweets on regular basis so it is possible to attract more people.

Another option in Twitter analytics is the tweet tab to see the impressions and tweets sent by you on daily basis. If you look at this graph, you’ll see which day of the week gets you the most impressions. Comparing the tweets can be done on weekly basis to track the impressions as well as engagement status. In engagements column you can see the how many people have visited your tweet.  In this tweet tab, it is possible to get the data that can be used to make a graph and chart related to the Twitter activity. There is an Audiences tab where you can see follower growth in the graph and your audience size.  Twitter cards is another option that can make the people understand what the particular tweet is all about and if a person shares details from the website, the Twitter cards can help to see from where it has been accessed.

There are also other analytics tools that can be used if you are not able to find the best results related to your competitor. You can use one of such tool to know the follower growth and engagement with your top tweets. But some of the third-party tools are available with premium features for which you make a payment. You can get a complete analytics related to Twitter and other social media network such as Facebook, etc. Try to use Google Analytics to track a particular campaign to check whether your ad has received any subscribers and this will prevent you from using other types of ads.