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Marketing Plan For Your Social Media

Marketing your brand on the social media can help you to achieve more than what you really expect. You can identify the right target for your brand to succeed on the social media platform which will determine the strategies you want to use to perform well. The following steps will help to have marketing plan for using it on the social media. You must put additional effort in order to create a successful marketing plan for applying it on your social media channel.

1. Recognition of your brand- This is really an important step your business must get strong recognition on social media to be successful. Set a target for your brand before introducing it through social media channel which will create awareness among your audience. It is not easy to know how much your brand has been recognized by the people on social media, but you can do other things to know this such as website traffic received through social media, followers, brand mentions, engagement levels and more. To get your brand the recognition it deserves, try to post the content that is like by the majority of the people on social media, but make sure it is related to your product.

2. Get more leads- Set a target for your brand that can get more leads and increase your sales. When you want to increase your leads, try to use the right analytics. Try to track analytics such as traffic to your post from the social referrals and sales conversion through referrals. To increase your leads, your main aim is to create good content to reach your targeted audience. There are different ways you can increase your leads and the most simple thing is creating your profile more relevant to your brand. Also add a link to your website in the profile which will allow you to get more leads to the site as well.

3. Create your social community- The community created on your social media will feature both the followers as well as influencers. Create your own community to provide good customer service and increase engagement. With the social community it is possible to get more valuable insights related to your customers. Developing a strong community on the social media is the best way to get more engagement which will become a key to the success of your brand. Creating a brand community can help to get a good competitive advantage for your business.

4. Suggestions from audience- Having a good relation with your audience can help you to reach more people on the social media. Try to listen to the suggestion provided by your audience based on your product. Listening to the audience can be useful when you want to introduce a new product in the present market through social media network. There are few tools that can be used to monitor your audience and keep them organized in one place so you don’t miss any information from them.

Social Marketing With A Video Content

Social media marketing can be a wonderful way of attracting your customer on the social media network. Another way to making your social media marketing unique is by adding video to it. But you must know what are the videos that can be added in your social media marketing to make it work. Make sure to learn the ways to use a video on the social media to reach the targeted customers.

1. Best video for your social media platform- There are different types of social media network available for your marketing process and you must select the best video suitable for each network. Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms where brands start their marketing process. The Twitter’s feed is known to be very fast in reaching the audience and making it organic content on this platform. Twitter also introduced a live video in its app without downloading Periscope. According to a report, most of the Twitter users like to view video content in this platform and mainly they view it on their mobile device. Never create a video that shows only your products and the Twitter users like to see the videos that looks engaging.

2. Select your video target- When you use a video content in your marketing strategy on the social media network make sure to understand the reason for it. Your main aim for the video is to increase the brand awareness, try to produce interesting content. Once you have decided the video target try to know what type of content will attract you. Try to know what the present trend is during the development of a video and what type of video is liked by the audience on the social media network.

3. Use a standard format- Always use a similar format in all your social media channels. Make sure that your video content looks attractive on all the social channels. Try to create a theme that helps the social media users to know about your related content. Try to analyze your video type that is liked by the audience on the social network for using it. Select valuable information using the social analytics of your previous video content and customer interest. Before using the video, make sure that the theme looks attractive when it is viewed during all seasons.

4. Invest in video- Most of the brands like to create videos based on their products and they also invest some money in making an attractive video. You can also create a video as per your interest, but you must purchase few items such as cameras, microphones and other equipments that help to produce a good content. Try to do this if you can afford to purchase all these items or just create a video from other sources. In the present day, most brands like to attract the audience through videos and majority of people who are connected online are through the social media channels.

Attract Buyers With Social Media Ads

Social media platform is one of the best sources to get more conversions through ads. You can easily target the buyers successfully during every course of business and increase the sales. Just use the social ads to reach the buyers in receive high number of conversions very easily.

1. Buyer personas- The first thing you have to do is look for buyer personas and lead them to the buying stages by creating a list of selling propositions. Try to create a brand persona that must represent your vision of messaging. This will help to know your target and the brand value. Once you have created the basic persona, then you must create the buyer personas.

2. Three stages of buying- Now you have to use the three stages of buying process which includes awareness, consideration as well as decision. In awareness the person will not know a proper solution to a problem. Then the consideration stage, person will be actively looking for options to solve the problem. Finally in decision stage, the person will simply choose a particular product to purchase. You must also know what type of selling propositions can attract the buyers for your product. Now you will know the audience to target and use them for testing process.

3. Test your ad images- Try to start a test with your images that will be used in the ads. You must also test the texts used in your ads along with other options such as headlines, descriptions, etc. The first option in testing the ads must include the images used in it and then move onto other elements. Images are known to play an important part in the performance of your ads, so try to be more creative. You can also use videos in your ads and animated GIFs to attract the audience. Now you must test your ad copy by using tools such as AdEspresso. Then look for places where you can insert your ads. You must know the area where your audience click on regular basis and insert your ads in that place.

4. Reach to different audiences- Once you have found the place where your ads can perform good, just insert it in that place. Now your ads will start to perform good, then look for different audience interests using the same ads. Try to learn methods to know about your target audience’s interest and reach them through your ads.

5. Adjust your ads- Once your ads start performing well, try to adjust them to make it more useful for the audience. You can use different images in your ads and try to attract the audience of different basis. If your ads start performing more than expected, try to investing some money for placing your ads in different parts of the social media channel. You can also run campaigns with ads to target the right number of audience and run your ads until they are able to bring you more customers.

Steps To Create More Attention To Tweets

There are several ways that can be used to make the audience notice your tweets on Twitter. Some of the ways can help to customize your tweets in such a way that they get more attention from the people in this social media platform. The simplest way to make your content noticeable on Twitter is by engaging with the people. You must search Twitter for people related to your brand or interests and even start your own conversation about a topic. The following are five important steps that can help to make your tweets easily reachable to the large audience.

1. Make your retweets personal- Most of the people share the content through tweets which will direct them to the actual post. Many people also depend mainly on pre-populated content, but you can personalize it by sharing a question or you opinion based on the follower’s context. Composing a new tweet needs lot of personal effort than just using a normal tool. Try to take some time to create a valuable tweet that can share additional information part from the original content.

2. Multiple content sharing- Try to share your tweets multiple times which will help to maintain a momentum and make i stand out among the people on the social media network. Never try to tweet the same title again and again as it will make you look like spammer. Avoid tweeting the same content more than once, but use in on different timelines.

3. Share your personality- This is very important as you must share contents with your real personality as most of the people fail to do this. Many people think that they cannot share their personality with the tweets and stay professional, but it can be done to be more effective.

4. Sharing trending contents- You can use hashtags to share the most discussed contents on Twitter. In your Twitter profile, try to find the most trending topics on this platform. Once you get the information, try to see how it is helpful in making your tweets attractive. You can adjust the topics that are trending based on your geographical location.

5. Visually attractive tweets- To do this make sure to add images in your tweets whether it is your personal account or company account. As per the report, the tweets without any visual content are less seen by the audience on the social media platform when compared to the tweets featuring attractive visuals. Adding images in your tweet can help to share your thoughts about the content and make it look more unique when compared to other similar posts.

All the above steps will only help when you put some additional part in reaching your customers. It is possible to develop a strong audience whenever you are trying to share an interesting content on the social media channel. But all this will not happen on a single day as you have to spend more time by sharing new contents.

Steps To Create Best Headlines For Your Content

A good headline for your content can attract more viewers and support your marketing process. Most of the marketers want to get noticed by the people on the social media platform with their content. This is very important for small businesses due to their less budget. So how to make the audience to view your content which is really simple by creating a great headline. Headlines are very important for the content as it is the only source to attract the readers. There are just 5 steps to create an attractive headline for your content. Before using the following method, try to look for others content and its headlines that bring in more readers. Use similar type of headlines and avoid using the same headlines for your content.

1. Headline with numbers- According to a research, the headlines that feature a number gets easily recognized by the readers. You can just start your headline with a number for example 10 ways to promote your business. This will also attract the people who are really looking for a solution.

2. Look for support- It is not easy to create an attractive headline on your own as it can really be a challenging work. So to do this in the most perfect way, try to look for resources that can support in writing a great headline for your content. Some of the resources will also provide the reason why the particular headline can be used for the content. You can also look for peers to get the most used headlines on their sites and include a similar kind of headline to your content.

3. Questions from customers- You can also share the details for the readers that they have been looking for and they will start questioning you. So when the customer questions you, the same thing can be used for your headline. While sharing the details, make sure to give out only a little amount of information if you do so then the readers will not click on your post for reading further.

4. Use your mind- Whenever you are writing content, the headlines will also come to your mind immediately. But try to use your mind to find the most suitable headline for the content that can attract the audience easily. Try to make a list of headlines that will be suitable for your content and then select one of them for using it successfully.

5. Other options- Try to select the best words related to your social followers and include them in the content. Your followers will automatically see the content shared by you on the social media platform. You must also ask questions on social channels that can help to engage your audience. Try to use different headlines for the same content and post it on the social media platform at different days. Also look for headlines that attract more readers and use a similar type for all your posts.

Steps To Increase Sales Through Social Media

Selling and buying the products online has become a trend among most of the people in the present world. So you must follow a proper method to make the process on online sales a success. You must connect with customers through the social media networks and improve the sales of your product. Just make use of all the following tips to increase your online sales with the help of social media.

1. Chatting process- There are messaging service available in most of the social media network and there are also options like automate, personalize, etc your message for best customer support. You can also use apps to start the chats in social media to get higher engagement rates. Almost everyone who promotes their business through social media use chat apps to reach their customers on high level. There are special apps that can help to provide good customer service and maintain the customer in a positive way.

2. Assess customer conversation- You must first look at the conversations surrounding your business on the social media platform. It is important to know what people discuss about your product and service which can give a valuable insight about it. You can use Talkwalker to analyze your social media as it helps to check text as well as visual content. Try to get the complete analytics using this tool to assess the performance of your product against your competitors and also find out relevant influencers.

3. Engage with customers- Try to encourage your customers to share things related to your business before and after the purchase to keep them engaged with your brand. You will be able to know the customer satisfaction only by interacting with them and there are also various other sources that can help your marketing process easy to reach your audiences.

4. Make purchase easy- Sales have been increase at very high rate on the social media channels and to make sure that customers uses your option in the social media you must include a buy button. With the buy button you can easily make the consumers to make a purchase within the social media. All the retailers can use the buy button in Twitter and it is possible to include a buy button in your tweet as well. You can also display the price of your product and the consumers will be able to make the purchases from Twitter.

5. Using other users content- The content that is created by your followers and customers can be used to increase your sales also on the social media. Along with content you can also use images from others to promote your business through social media. To do this you have to go through social profile of your followers and the people who are interested in your product or service. But always make sure to use genuine content or images from the followers to improve social conversion and the performance of your business.

Adding Long Life To Your Social Content

Creating content is always a difficult process as it must be unique as well as attractive for the people to reach it. But the content you have created will have life only for a certain period on the social media platform. You can make the content to have a long life by following few simple methods, so there is no need to spend more time in updating the content on regular basis. You can also improve your marketing strategy by following these three ways.

1. Modify content for each network- Most of the people spend their time on the social media network, but each of them have their own choices like Twitter, Facebook and more. In order to attract more people with the same content you must try to modify it for posting it on various social networks. You must not share the same content no various platforms, so the best thing to do it modify your posts. Posting modified content on various social networks will improve your marketing efficiency, but it is important to create original content on each social network.

2. Post new content multiple times- You can achieve more with shared links by posting the same content within a gap of days and weeks. Posting content multiple times will be useful in getting more followers and engagement on the social media platform. Whenever you are sharing a link only once related to the post, only few people will be able to see it so it is better to share more links. If you are reposting content the current followers will know the importance of the post, but this will look like a spam as you are repeating the same content once again. To avoid this you must remind all of your followers that the content has been posted again with slightly modification. Now you can see there is an increase of brand visibility that will improve your leadership as time passes. You must also follow few things while reposting the same content with smart schedule and reach to more customers to build good relationship. Try to use the social management tool for posting the content on schedule them repeatedly. Also know the right time to post your content, so you will be able to reach out to more number of people.

3. Repost interesting content- There are many content that are always important and even intersting for most of the people even though it has become old. It is possible to get attractive leads even with a old content when it is really useful during all the periods. Try to select your best content till date and look for important takeaways. If required you can also updated the old content with new strategy to increase your SEO value for the post and this will easily attract the audience. Do some research with your content and use analytics that can make it more valuable as well as increase marketing efficiency.

Using Twitter Analytics For Marketing

Twitter analytics is one of the best options to improve your marketing strategy in Twitter. To use free analytics in Twitter just access the site to see the tweets, analytics, audiences and more. You can also see the impressions for the tweets which is the exact number of users who viewed tweets in their timeline on Twitter. Twitter can be used to access the details about your tweets displayed on the third-party tools which will give an estimation of impressions during the month. While posting a tweet on your account it is possible to know how many of them will see it which is a really important thing for every Twitter profile. The tweets can also help to develop more email subscribers which is a very important thing for most of the marketers.

Use the option Mentions to see when the Twitter username gets mentioned in others profiles. The top section in mention shows the details if someone shares your content with your name. Those who have a large number of following who has already followed you, they can be considered as your relevant your audience and try to give more attention to them. In overview screen, Top Tweet section will show the best tweet made during last 28-days along with impressions as well as retweets. Try to share the popular tweets on regular basis so it is possible to attract more people.

Another option in Twitter analytics is the tweet tab to see the impressions and tweets sent by you on daily basis. If you look at this graph, you’ll see which day of the week gets you the most impressions. Comparing the tweets can be done on weekly basis to track the impressions as well as engagement status. In engagements column you can see the how many people have visited your tweet.  In this tweet tab, it is possible to get the data that can be used to make a graph and chart related to the Twitter activity. There is an Audiences tab where you can see follower growth in the graph and your audience size.  Twitter cards is another option that can make the people understand what the particular tweet is all about and if a person shares details from the website, the Twitter cards can help to see from where it has been accessed.

There are also other analytics tools that can be used if you are not able to find the best results related to your competitor. You can use one of such tool to know the follower growth and engagement with your top tweets. But some of the third-party tools are available with premium features for which you make a payment. You can get a complete analytics related to Twitter and other social media network such as Facebook, etc. Try to use Google Analytics to track a particular campaign to check whether your ad has received any subscribers and this will prevent you from using other types of ads.

Twitter Conversations To Attract Followers

Having a good conversation with the people in Twitter can improve your engagement strongly. Most of the people don’t have an idea about starting a relevant conversation even though it is very important to have a good presence on the social media platform. Some of the things that are useful to improve your conversation are as follows. In the beginning, most of the brands will have a tough time in Twitter and it will become much easier as you start getting followers as well as interactions.

1. Have an interesting Twitter profile- If anyone wants to search for your brand in Twitter, first thing that will come to their eye is your profile. Try to create an attractive Twitter profile with contents and photos that look interesting. Share things in your profile that can connect your emotionally with the audience. Don’t use texts, hashtags and links too much as it can spoil your reputation.

2. Share attractive visuals- Most of the people know that sharing things visually than using just words can reach to people very easily. This is actually true as you must share images and videos while sending a tweet whenever possible. It is known to improve your overall engagement when you include a visual content.

3. Compose a short tweet- It is always important to convey your messages shortly. Avoid sharing too much information i n a single tweet as it will not help your to convey the message properly. Instead you can share the information which is less in a unique way, so it can attract the people easily. In Twitter, you are allowed to use 140 characters in a tweet, but you can just use less than 100 characters to make the tweet look good.

4. Use retweetable content- Try to find out the words that can be retweeted and use them while composing a tweet. Do some research to find the retweetable words and start using them which would attract the audience in a large way. There are few simple words that can be included in the tweet includes free, please and more

5. Question your viewers- Whenever you see new people in Twitter, try to ask simple questions like their name and what they do. This will help to develop a relationship which would be useful in sharing many things that can support your brand. Raise a question related to your brand and products. Use keywords related to your brand while question the audience. It is also important to discuss with your audience personally and make them understand that they are dealing with real people using the Twitter account.

6. Using curated posts- Sharing good content or posts can increase the engagement. Go through various blogs or websites that feature good contents and share them in Twitter, Make your viewers to realize that you are really interested in sharing good contents. Try to share curated content along with links and actual tweets with your audience.

Ways To Maintain Follower And Following

Followers are very important in Twitter as it can help in making your website more popular in the social media platform. By having more number of followers, it is possible to generate lot of traffic to your website. Everyone in Twitter must have lot of followers which is an important part in this social media platform. In order to get more followers, you must know how to manage them in a proper way so they don’t unfollow your Twitter account. In the same way you must also start following others who are related to your business or brand. In the beginning you must follow as many people as you can in Twitter and in case the people don’t follow you back, try to unfollow them in the later stages. This is the best way to control and manage your Twitter followers.

Once you have enough followers in your account, access your Twitter account and select the option ‘Following’ to see the people who are not following you back. In case you see the option to send a direct message to your follower, they are following you back and if you don’t see this then they are not following you. Try to keep the people who are following you and remove the rest of them so it will make it easier to manage your Twitter account. Most of the people who have more followers such as 100 peoples and if you have only 10 people, everyone one will try to follow the one who has more number of followers.

There is a simple way to manage your Twitter following which will make your process simple. The most important step in this is following more people which will give them a chance to follow you back. Try to follow only those who are related to your brand as it can help others to know what you are into. This will also help in making others to follow your account who related to your brand. There is another option to manage following in the blog, but to do this you must own a blog. In case you are looking for followers from a particular post, try to search them in the search field in Twitter. Once you have found the particular post, try to enter into their Twitter page to see their followers. Just start following them hoping that they will also follow your account.

Before following or unfollowing in Twitter, try to read the privacy policy as Twitter can ban you from their website. The same guidelines are applicable for the tweet also. You must follow people only 18 people during one time and same thing to unfollow as well. Don’t post the tweet continuously in Twitter as you may get banned. Give sometime during your post to stay active in Twitter. There are also other guidelines that must be followed without fail in Twitter to become an active user and promote your brand.