How To Setup Your Own Autoblog For Your Twitter Followers

Now that you know how to promote autoblogs to the ones you did buy Twitter followers, but do you know how to set it up by yourself? Without further ado, for today’s sharing, I would simply like you to know how to setup your own autoblog for the Twitter followers that you already have right now. But how come that we may be able to setup the autoblogs by ourselves? Do you really think we can do this for our own Twitter and internet marketing campaigns? If you are just going to be a positive thinker, we might really say that you can actually do it for yourself.

In order for you to setup your very own autoblog, I want you to take a look at Carson Rathi’s Autoblogging tool. He should have suppose to sell this for more than $60 I think on the Warrior Forum. But did you know that in the War Room, he is giving it away for free? All you have to do is pay one time to the Warrior Forum, and be a War Room member for life. In this way, you can get access to the War Room section and find his software. Afterwards, install it on your own computer.

You can simply select which blogging platform are you going to use for your autoblog. It can be either Blogger or your self-hosted WordPress blog. Just try to insert some feeds from relevant blogs that will help getting you some relevant content after all.


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