Twitter Marketing: Autoblogs Vs. Content Curation

Right now, to all of you who are into the world of buy Twitter followers, you may now wonder what is going to be the next God damn topic that I really wished to talk about anyway. If you are serious enough to find out what this is all about, all you have to do is simply pay attention to the blog post that I already have in store for you like no other. Without further ado, to all of you who are into the Twitter marketing world, I am now giving you a complete comparison between niche autoblogs and content curation.

Let us try to start first with niche autoblogs. They are the ones that will generate your own content straight into your blog in an automatic way, and it will be completely hands off for you and for everyone else in between. But here is a catch about niche autoblogs for various Twitter and internet marketers worldwide. I just wanted you to know how this is going to affect your own rankings on Google, but it really depends on the content that you are going to generate right through your very own blog post once and for all. If we are just talking about duplicate content, it will penalize you.

But for content curation, you are going to give out some relevant sources that may support your own blog post. No matter if it is going to be a blog post, a Youtube video, Yahoo Answers, Flickr image or document slideshows, this is what really Google loves for us like no other.

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