Free Vs. Paid Press Release For Twitter Marketers

Good day to all of you! Before I will be moving on to this wonderful topic, let me ask you a question right now. How are you feeling before or after you buy Twitter followers? Are you truly excited about the results that you are about to expect? Or are you still scared that your results might not be as good as possible? I think it really depends on how your followers are responding to your own tweets, and how are they interested about the topic you are going to share with them. Right now, let’s talk about something that is going to be quite different than anything else.

In this article, I will be now comparing between free and paid press releases for Twitter marketers. First thing foremost, let me start first with free press release. With free press releases, you are able to gain some exposure with the other search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Every time your own free press release was published, it will be shown automatically to Google, and it really depends on the keyword that you are targeting. But what about the paid ones anyway? Are they quite better than the free ones?

Absolutely yes! Not only that your paid press release was shown on Google and other search engines, it was also syndicated to other top news sites in the internet today. In other words, this will give you even more exposure than you already have right now. Now you know their differences!

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