Why Google Loves Press Releases For Twitter Marketers?

The previous blog post that I have talked about recently, was the comparison of free and paid press releases. For those internet and affiliate marketers who have the ability to buy Twitter followers, which one do you think has the better performance? Is it going to be the free press release? Or is it going to be the paid press release? Let’s start first with the free ones, shall we? With free press releases, it was quite understood for us that publishing there is totally free, but it does not give us the best exposure that we want like no other. As a result, this is for those people who cannot afford yet to spend more money with press releases.

On the other hand, when it comes to paid press releases, the analysis was in reverse. Although it may cost us some more money just to publish a single press releases, but it does give even more exposure that we are already expecting, and it could be one of our best investments ever. You know what I mean? But for now, no matter if you are going for the free or paid one, I am going to share one common thing for press release and Twitter marketers worldwide. But what would be this common thing that may let us wonder for a while?

The common thing is that press releases are being loved by Google? The reason that they are having some Google love, is because of the high quality content that was being shared to all the users worldwide.

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